2008 M.F.A Dept.of painting, Graduate school of Fine Art, Sookmyung Women’s University
2006 B.F.A Dept. of painting, College of Fine Art, Incheon National University

Solo Exhibition
2013 The 4th Solo exhibition
2009 The 3rd Solo exhibition
2008 The 2nd Solo exhibition
2007 The 1st Solo exhibition

Group Exhibition

Neo Pops 2009 exhibition
Cool pops 2009 exhibition
The International drawing exhibition
Venture exhibition
Imagination power station
Happy New year’s young artist exhibition
Special gift exhibition

Christmas art party exhibition Exchange of Modern Arts, Korea and the U.S (extension)
Exchange of Modern Arts, Korea and the U.S
Invitational Exhibition of Young Korean Artists-Finding Five Senses in Digilog Age
Special Exhibition on Phenomenon and Fantasy
Special Exhibition on Interesting Arts Auction with Artist
Discovering Rising Artist, Blooming
Discovering Rising Artist, Looking at the Future of Rising Generation
Intro to Paintings

The 18,19th Container & Material Exhibition
KPAM Invitation-Fragrance of Tiny Picture

Loving Message Special Exhibition Revival Goguryo Special Exhibition
The 16,17th Container & Material Exhibition
We now Exhibition< Moran Gallery:Korea>
KAAF 2006 Special Exhibition
New Wave Exhibition

2013 THE 1st SETEC SEOUL ART SHOW New-face exhibition
2012 The 14th Cutting Edge

Selected at the 28th Korea Modern Art Exhibition
Selected at the 1st FUBU creative competition
Selected at the 10th MBC 2007 Geum Gang Art Exhibition
Selected at the 1st Seoul Metro Art competition
Collection Hyundai Heavy Industries,Baesangmyun Brewery Co.Ltd,
Soeul Asan Medical Center
Dr.jong-min Won’s office
Tomato Savings Bank,
Various personal collectors

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